The launch story for ’8 steps to Social Media (and dating) success’ campaign

SociaNav’s ’8 Steps’ campaign aims to show social media in action

SociaNav is delighted to announce that its “8 Steps to Social Media (and Dating) Success” campaign launches today.

SociaNav has long recognised the similarities between successfully navigating social media as a business or brand and successfully meeting and committing to your soul mate in real life.  The principles that apply to one seem naturally applicable to the other.  That’s why SociaNav decided to develop a campaign that demonstrates these working principles in reality.

There is a lot of uncertainty amongst organisations and brands about whether to use social media platforms as part of their marketing efforts, which of them to use and what to do on them to ensure maximum return.  Like many other social media organisations, SociaNav has written numerous articles on the subject of social media success, and done many presentations about what social media success looks like.  However, for organisations and the people within them who have perhaps not had the benefit of experiencing social media first hand, it’s a little like trying to explain the joy of the first kiss by your soul mate.  It’s darn near indescribable!

That’s why SociaNav decided to implement a campaign to demonstrate the various stages that an organisation will go through as it becomes proficient with its social media efforts.  Getting the knack of social media is part process and part art.  Because of the difficulty involved in getting good at it, the “8 Steps to Social Media (and Dating) Success” campaign will run for a whopping 8 months.  Each month, one stage will be covered in depth.  At the end of each month, all the tools that SociaNav has developed will be given to its fans and followers free of charge for them to use in their own social media activities.

Being a social media campaign, the “8 Steps to Social Media (and Dating) Success” campaign will be run on SociaNav’s social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google + and YouTube, amongst others.

SociaNav focuses primarily on social media performance reporting and consulting to select clients.  Performance reporting enables clients to understand and measure how they are performing on their chosen social media platforms.  When this is combined with direct competitor performance analysis the insights can be powerful.  Of course, the importance of measurement will be brought into the “8 Steps to Social Media (and Dating) Success” campaign, as will the significance of tracking competitors (both in the professional and dating sense).

“8 Steps to Social Media (and Dating) Success” campaign will offer practical insights to social media practitioners, and will be a load of fun for those ready to start the dating game.  The adventures start today, so commit to joining us on this incredible journey via leaving a comment on our website at or on any of our social media platforms, which you’ll find on the top right hand side of our web pages.  We look forward to hearing from you!




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